About Us


Cre8tive Dezigns  is  a  collection  of cre8tive expressions from different dezigners using any medium that the artist wishes to display their talents through. This is home for consumers to get a chance to look at and buy one of a kind cre8tive artwork form an artist from around the world.

On this website you will get to know the artist as well as their work. Each artist displays their talents on different mediums so that choosing a one of a kind deszign that speaks to you is possible and will allow the consumers to wear, display or to just pass on to another artistic person that will appreciate this type of artwork. Cre8tive Dezigns is that online gallery to visit to appreciate and purchase the one of a kind piece. The works of artists are not limit to your typical source of tapestry. We will showcase and retail forms of cre8tive things but not limit to; t-shirt designs, illustrations drawn with pencil, inks like Indian ink, oil paints and charcoal. The list goes on like the air-brushers that do brilliant work on sneakers or anything that can be dezigned on. You will see amazing dezigns in wood, metals like copper, Popsicle sticks, skittles candy and yes even toothpicks.

We sent out the word to all designers, of sneakers, t-shirts and murals and people that just love to create. We also sent the word out to the painters, welders and metal designers and every other person you can think of and others you can not, to come together on this website to showcase their talents and give you, the consumers, a chance to order their one of a kind designs.

Our motto is, “Dezign, create, expressed your inner self in any way form, shape or medium possible. Someone somewhere is connecting with your cre8tive vibes and now you’re a family through expressive means.” This website was created to give, the voice of expressive people around the world. Welcome to Cre8tive Dezigns.


Mission: To cre8te a platform that will bring together talented artists from our entire world to express their artist abilities and connect with other artists and people. We will unite Cre8tive people and show the world that these Cre8tive people needs to express themselves and value being around other people like themselves at Cre8tive Designs.

Vision: To showcase different artists’ talents and to share their works with consumers that wish to procure a piece of the Cre8tive design. Here we will showcase what the artists have locked away in their minds and showcase how they chose to display their pieces with the most profound mediums how I like to say by ‘Any Medium Necessary’ to influence the world with their new Cre8tive products.  “Cre8tivity is the key to new beginnings.”


“Cre8tivity is meant to be expressed, to not do so, you are stifling a part of you that produces the need to express yourself , thus you are not being true to who you are”.